Help the hungry with food

There is nothing meritorious in serving those
who are high above us. For one thing, they can
command the services of attendants. Rendering
service to those who are in the same position
as ourselves also is not commendable. Service
should be rendered to those who are worse off
than us and who are neglected by the world. It
is the weak, the destitute and the helpless who
need to be served. Even in rendering service to
such persons, there should be no feeling that we
are serving “others”. We should feel that we are
serving the Lord Narayana who dwells in them.
SSS 20.26: November 19, 1987

There are millions who are hungry, desperate and miserable. I am directing you to limit the intake of food to actual need so that you can share it with the poor. Do not waste food. Do not fritter away money for harmful purposes. Use it for helping others. Do not waste time and energy. Allow others to benefit by your skills.
— Sai Baba SSS 18.23: November 21, 1985

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