Vand Chakhna

Vand chakhna is best explained as ‘sharing is caring’. On one occasion, when Guru Nanak was with his two sons and Lehna (Guru Angad Dev), there was a corpse covered with cloth. He asked who will eat this, nobody responded, but Lehna, having full faith in his Master, accepted it and when he removed the cloth, he saw there was a tray full of sacred food, which he served to his master and ate the leftovers. On this, Guru Nanak said, “Lehna, you were blessed with sacred food because you shared it. Similarly, people should use wealth not only for themselves but share it with others. If one consumes it only for himself then it is like a corpse. But when we share it with others, it becomes sacred.” This constitutes the basis of langar, community kitchen, and dasvandh, sharing one-tenth of one’s earnings with the community.

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