Boxed lunch to the needy
We gave through interior Chromepet areas, Chennai, boxed lunch containing Sambhar rice and papad for 4 days from 23rd November continuously and then we are reaching out to needy to serve them food on Saturdays/Mondays as the need may be.
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Why would one give food to needy? All religions advise to take care of the needy, hungry for mental happiness.Here we provide causes for the needy for you to help.

When can I give? Any day is good. Especially when you or family members have happy occasions like Birthdays, or trying circumstances when God wants to you to give something so that you can come out of the circumstance with His Grace.

Which Deity/God symbol you can do Aarathi/pray on the day of my donation? You can message us the God/Angel/your revered deceased family member you want to be done pooja on that day. We have philosophy of every religion and God is One. In fact Advaita philosophy teaches us everything on this earth is God.Although we will try to get the photo, we cant guarantee that part.

What is the quantity? The rice will be about 350 grams, with protein in the form of Toor Dhal and many nutrients from Vegetables, Tamarind, spices etc. The containers are about 500 gms

What is the cost? Each packed food costs Rs.35 about US$0.60 cents.

How we can contribute? Any one can contribute 25 packets x 60 = US$15.00 Any one can contribute 50 packets x 60 = US$30.00 Any one can contribute 75 packets x 60 = US$45.00 Any one can contribute 100 packets x 60 = US$60.00 Any one can contribute 150 packets x 60 = US$90.00 Any one can contribute 200 packets x 60 = US$120.00

What is 1 year goal? Goal is 52 weeks x 120 = 6240

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