In this site food service events are posted in advance. You can register to the event as a volunteer

1) to cook and provide food to needy people in group or individually(you need to have means to provide provisions and cook -either individually or collectively as a group

2) Bring the food to the venue and help in serving in containers. The coordinator will guide you in all aspects. And you need to follow his directions properly.

“service to man is service to God”, we also experience the ultimate truth – “God pervades everything”.

…We are divine beings:

Our true nature is pure love. This love expresses itself spontaneously and without any external promptings as selfless service. In selfless service, there is recognition of oneness between the one serving and the one being served. This, then, leads us to realise the truth that the God in us is serving the God in others.

As a volunteer you can provide your service and enjoy the bliss that comes from that – this bliss like you cant get from any other activity that is aimed at our own self ! Volunteer opportunity Link is here

Donate Food:

For People who have kind heart and want food packets distributed to poor and needy, we have year long service. Please see the donate menu to know more. At the moment in Chromepet area we are arranging to serve food packets (sambhar rice and papad) to needy on Mondays. On your birthday or birthday of your beloved ones, some family occasions, some rememberance occasions of your parents, etc. if you want to serve food, we can do so. Please see the donate menu.

We identified 4 destitute age care homes where parents thrown away by children are living free of cost – We want to adopt those 4 age care homes by providing provisions, milk, vegetables on a monthly basis. Your donations in the form of groceries or funds are most welcome. Please see the donate menu to know more.

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