The Innate Unity

The world today is torn into factions and groups that hate and hack each other. No method is considered too cruel if the aim is to destroy one’s enemy. No one is aware of the innate unity, the ever-present current of Divinity that animates every single living being on earth. You have the role now of demonstrating that all is not lost;
that there are still people who believe in Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Love; that acts of loving service rendered in a spirit of humility and reverence are still making people happy; and
that the day when the kinship of human beings and the Fatherhood of God will shine bright and beautiful is drawing and dawning near.
All efforts are now being concentrated on the production of more food, the building of more houses and the manufacture of more cloth. But what is most needed today is a total effort to make
the human being manifest more tolerance, more humility, more brotherliness, more compassion and deeper awareness of the springs of joy and peace that lie within the heart of each one.
SSS 13.18: November 14, 1975

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